Runway Inside, 2019
NextGen Environment
$29,95 USD
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NextGen environment it's a result of hard work.
This product provides the simulator with a whole set of environments made using the latest technologies such as shaders, as well as using photorealistic elements in the form of clouds.
What is "NextGen Environment"?
The first is a complete immersion in the environment in the simulator. During the creation of the product, we observed all the real color schemes of the sky, clouds, haze, water, at any time of the day.
Second, our product has good performance and quality optimization. The choice of one of three resolutions for your PC. Low system requirements.
Third, we guarantee you no fuss and waste time on configuration, no long study of all unnecessary parameters and other things. Maybe you thought it was bad, but no, it's a very cool move. Thanks to this, you save time and nerves. Our product is completely Plug & Play.
What are the main advantages of your product over similar products from large companies?
Major Features
High Detailed Clouds.
Photoreal HQ clouds with applying new shaders technology.
Smooth photoreal sky.
Different gorgeous sky textures at any weather and time.
Custom realistic sun.
Photoreal sun and glow textures at any weather and time.
New waves and water.
Normalized waves height and size. New water colors.
Adjustable fog & haze.
Automatic haze density control.
Adaptive haze & fog colors.
Other Features
HD Shadows & colors.
High quality shadows.
Normalized shadows color.
Moon and more stars.
High quality moon, normal glow.
More stars during night.
Night lights. 
Enchanced Lights glow.
Without fps drops.
VR compatible.
UltraWide display compatible.
Competent clear manual.
Easy Installation.
Incompatible with...
Part from manual.
NextGen Environment is designed to work alone. Incompatible with any plugins, software, scripts, addons that work with the environment (sky colors, clouds, visibility, lights, etc).
Incompatible with
Here Is majority list of incompatible products. All other sort by description above.
Very Important!
Before Installation please make sure that you turn off or remove all this products. We guarantee the correct work of our addon, only if this condition is done.
UltraWeather XP
FS Enchancer
"TheUltimate" Mod
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